Darkest Dungeon: The Game that Keeps on Giving

Darkest Dungeon is a game that has taken many hours of sleep away from me the past year it has been out of early access. I’ve run countless torch-less runs to accumulate the loot and gold I needed to finally challenge the Lovecraftian horrors that dwell within the Darkest Dungeon. Along the way, I learned all about the game’s many intricacies, and memorized different ways to optimize my party based on the situation. After all those hours of learning the game’s mechanics and grinding away, I still have yet to conquer the final dungeon. The grind between champion dungeons and the final dungeon is just too great a chasm to cross without serious time devotions and a little luck as well. Luckily for me, Red Hook Studios is putting out an update in early February that will allow me to finally finish my favorite game of 2016. The update includes a new mode called “Radiant Mode”, which promises to lower the level of grind needed to actually finish the game. Their goal seems to be to make one full play through of the game take around 40 hours, which is still a very solid chunk of time. A lot of more casual players had complaints about the grind needed in the regular game and in New Game Plus, so this is a very nice compromise, allowing more veteran players to skip the easier mode completely if they wish.

My face when RNG wipes my favorite party

The update also adds new monsters to champion level dungeons with new mechanics associated with them. One of those new monsters is a banner bearing skeleton, who seems to be some kind of buffing support creature that will make dealing with other monsters much more difficult. There are three other monsters that have not been revealed yet, and I can’t wait to see how they effect the team compositions and skill builds for those dungeons.

I want to be clear here as well, all of this comes out, for free, before the main DLC The Crimson Court hits around April. The value you get for the $25 asking price is ridiculously good, if you have even a small interest in rogue-likes or strategy games you owe it to yourself to pick this game up on either PC, PS4, or Vita. Darkest Dungeon truly is the game that keeps on giving.

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