Magnet Warriors are one of the oldest archetypes in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. They’ve been considered pretty terrible overall until very recently. With the release of the electromagnet warriors to supplement the originals along with Delta, the newest magnet warrior, the deck has actually become a force to be reckoned with. The deck still may not stand much of a chance against decks like Zoodiac, but with the proper side deck and strong game knowledge, this deck can perform quite well in the competitive scene. The Decklist I am providing is a great, inexpensive starting point for players to learn the key plays and build off of them. This entire deck, extra deck and all, can be had for less than 75 dollars. That is not a lot of money considering how quickly Yu-Gi-Oh can get into the hundreds for a functioning deck. Without further ado, lets get into it:

Monsters: 26 Cards

Alpha the Electromagnet Warrior x3

Alpha is one of the many searchers in this deck, and this case he is the one that searches your boss monsters, Berserkion and Valkyrion. He is also a level 3 which makes him excellent fodder for strong XYZ plays with Gorgonic Guardian or Ghostrick Alucard.

Beta the Electromagnet Warrior x3

Your searcher that searches other searchers, this lil guy pulls your other Electromagnet boys out of the deck and adds them to the hand, it can also search Delta the Magnet Warrior.

Gamma the Electromagnet Warrior x3

The final main Electromagnet Warrior is a sweet guy who special summons other magnets when he is summoned. Since the Magnet warriors get their effects if they are normal or special summoned, Gamme is a great way to get your searches off and still be able to XYZ. You could potentially run this guy at 2, but I like him at 3.

Delta the Magnet Warrior x3

Delta is the newest Magnet support and arguably the card that pushes the deck into the competitive space. This card is exactly what Magnets needed, as it dumps cards to the grave when it is normal or special summoned. Combine this with the Magnet field spell that allows special summoning from the grave, and this deck turns into a serious XYZ machine. It also is excellent for adding more graveyard fodder for cards like Berserkion. Get those free pops Dad.

Valkyrion the Magna Warrior x2

Right out of the gate, this is a bad card. you almost never want to use the resources it costs to summon this guy legitimately. However, he is necessary to create the Magnets biggest boss monster, Imperion Magnum the Superconductive BattleBot. This is an absolutely amazing boss monster that I’ll go into more detail about in a minute. This guy is also a great Trade-In target for the draw power, but other then those 2 uses he is kind of a dead card. Some people do not like the fusion engine this deck can run, and instead opt to focus on Berserkion as the boss and support him with more traps. That is not how I currently run the deck, but that build is also quite strong, so I’ll provide a list of good traps to consider putting in at the end of this article.

Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior x3

This guy is by far my favorite monster in the deck. He’s like a Master Hyperion on steroids. He is summoned by banishing one Alpha, Beta, and Gamma from your hand, field, or grave. Considering all the searching this deck does that is no difficult task by any means. He can also banish one level 4 or lower magnet monster to pop a card on the field. Now, it is important to note that the effect is NOT once per turn. Meaning as long as you have the ammo you can keep on popping. Additionally, when he is destroyed, you can resummon 1 of each of your magnets from the banished zone! That is NUTS. This is by far one of my favorite boss monsters in the whole game and this is the guy that will be your real powerhouse.

Doki-Doki x3

Moving on to the Non Magnet support for the deck, we have Doki-Doki. This card is the sleeper hit of the deck. You can discard one Rock monster to summon a rock monster of the same attribute and level from the deck. This not only gives you grave fodder for Magnetic Field, it also gets you a free search, sump, or special summon from whatever magnet you choose to summon. This card may not need to be at 3, you really only want to see one per duel. However, I like having this card as often as possible, especially opening turn.

Block Dragon x3

Block Dragon is an interesting card, in that how useful it is depends on what other cards you have at your disposal. Obviously, its first and best use is trade-in fodder. But, it can also be used as an excellent protective wall for your other rock types. On the other hand, it requires the banishing of three earth monsters from the hand or grave, which would be much better used on a Berserkion or the like. So, he’s sort of a panic button if you need some room to breath. He can also be used to make rank 8’s, although that situation should not come up very often.

Sentry Soldier of Stone x2

I am currently testing this card at 2, but he might be better at 1. His effect is excellent, and his level is perfect for this deck (3). However, you really do not want to draw this guy without a doki doki to pitch him, therefore his usefulness is somewhat limited.

Beta, the Magnet Warrior x1

The classics are the classics, respect your elders.

SPELLS: 14 Cards

Magnetic Field x3

I generally consider field spell cards to be pretty bad, there is just too much spell/trap removal out there for field spells to stay on the field. However, in this case I have made an exception. Magnetic Field opens up a wealth of powerhouse plays by allowing you to pull your magnets out of the grave and special summon them, netting you even more deck thinning searches.

Ties of the Brethren x3

This card is absolutely bonkers in this deck. For a mere 2k LP, you can summon all 3 of your magnets and search, special summon, search again, and all manner of crazy things in a single turn. The only downside is you cannot XYZ the turn you use this card, but that’s a small price to pay because, even if they get destroyed, they become the graveyard fodder that you need anyway.

Polymerization x2

Makes your Battlebot, thats about all it’s good for.

Trade-In x3

Get rid of useless Valkyrions and Block Dragons and draw some sweet sweet magnets.

x3 Pot Of Duality

Dig for those good good cards.

Alternate Build

And that is the main deck sorted. As you can see, the Polymerization build does not have a lot of room for traps. A few monsters could potentially be dropped down to 2 copies to make room for some, but I am not sure if that is the way to go with this build. If I wanted to run more traps, I would probably remove the Fusion engine entirely, something like this:

-2 Valkyrion

-2 Polymerization

-1 Beta

-1 Trade In

-1 Sentry

-1 Doki Doki

+1 Bottomless

+1 Solemn Warning

+2 Mirror Force

+2 Fiendish Chain

+1 Torrential

+1 Compulsory

This build would be much more oriented around controlling the board by making Berserkion or Gorgonic and then sitting on them behind a wall of traps. The problem is, Twin Twisters can come in and sweep away all your protective backrow. So, it’s a tough call. Your local meta will determine which build is better for you.


Gorgonic Guardian x3

This card is the backbone of your deck, it allows you to negate the effects of your opponents problem monsters, and reduces their attack to 0. Excellent card despite its weak 1600 attack.

Wind-Up Zenmaines x1

Decent wall, be careful of your opponents ability to send cards back to the hand however.

Ghostrick Alucard x1

Nice generic rank 3, good for popping back row and a decent wall if it is the only card on the field.

Leviair x1

Get back your banished boys and get their effects again, pretty simple stuff.

BattleBoy x2

The big boss for fusion builds, this card is essentially a win condition as it is a serious pain to get rid of. It costs a Berserkion and a Valkyrion, which shouldn’t be too hard to get a hold of thanks to Alpha.

Beyond that, good generic rank 4’s like Cairngorgon, 101, Gagaga, etc are all you really need. If you have some extra cash the Rank 8’s like Felgrand might be useful once in awhile.


Thanks for checking out my Deck Tech, I hope you learned something about the Magnet Daddies!


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  1. I like the deck. I make mine purely around magenet warriors, and I found running 3x Rock Bombardments and 3x Magnet Conversions really allow you to get the magnet warriors out even if you don’t draw them It helps turn the deck into a process that you only need one or two magnet warriors out to get the whole thing running.

    Call of the Haunted is especially useful, it allows you to revive a magnet warrior during opponents turn and instantly sub it out for Beta electro

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