The Future of Persona: Speculating Atlus’ Newly Registered Domains

On April 18, it was reported by various sites, my source for this information comes from Gematsu, that Atlus, the developers of the Persona series, had registered quite a few new Persona-related domains. As a big fan of the Persona series and someone who has followed/purchased a number of mainline and side games, I wanted to take a moment to dissect this list using the historic trends for Atlus along side my personal knowledge of the various games.

The list of registered domains include (along with my personal speculation): – Speculation: Persona 3 release/remaster possibly named something like “Persona 3 Darkness” in the vain of Persona 4 Golden. If the case, I’d expect a PS4 release with a slight possible Vita release (wouldn’t count on it, though). Due to Atlus’ Nintendo relations, I could potentially see a Switch version but P3 is already tied to Playstation systems so I don’t know the exact logistics behind it (as such, take a Switch version of this potential idea with an extra grain of salt). Would be incredibly surprised for it to be a rhythm games named Persona 3 Dancing as it that type of game made more sense with the style of Persona 4 so I wouldn’t expect it to be a new staple for each number Persona game. More details on the “Dancing” series further down this list. – Speculation: Persona 5 Arena fighting game. Unlikely something such as “Persona 5: After Golden” as P5 is unrelated to the “Golden” aspect of Persona 4. – Speculation: Probably not a Persona 5 Dancing game but I’d say it’s more likely than a Persona 3 dancing game. That being said, see speculation for more details as why I’m refraining from full rhythm game spin-offs. See for speculation of additional sequels or side stories to the main Persona 5 game. – Speculation: Not a Persona 5 Racing game, however I wouldn’t put it past them. With Persona 4, Atlus has spin-off a varity of games in other genres and a kart racer would be no different. Once again, I don’t believe Persona 5’s, along with Persona 3’s, darker themes and overall tone lends itself to silly spin-off games like Persona 4 did. Hard to say what P5R, or P5D, could be but one thing is for sure, there’s a few too many P5 domains to really know what they have in store for the latest main entry in the series. Maybe it’s a Persona 5 direct sequel in the vain of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse or a type of main-line side story. – Speculation: The other possible Arena fighting game a.k.a. Persona 5 “Ultimax”. One of these domains is a fighting game, but which one is indeterminable at the moment. – Speculation: Persona rhythm game platform. All-in-one game featuring cast members and songs throughout the series. I’d guess something akin to a Phone-based game, popular route in Japan, or arcade game like Hatsune Miku, another Sega owned property. Likewise it can be a full PS4 game like Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone, a piecemeal service that is free-to-start that allows you to by song packs based on each game. This domain is the reason I don’t believe P3D is also a rhythm game as it would be double-dipping. – Speculation: Persona Q sequel on 3DS (Switch unlikely). Not so much speculation as this is the only domain on this list that is plainly obvious. Persona Q is an Etrian Odyssey”-based spin-off title that combines the cast of bother Persona 3 and Persona 4.,, – Future-proofing the franchise. Nothing to say here as these games may never exist but it’s important for them to own the domains regardless as owners of a popular IP.

There’s a lot going on in this list of registered domains but, at the end of the day, I believe we can for sure count on a Persona Q direct squeal, a Persona 5 fighting game, and new rhythm-game. I’m also highly hopeful for a Persona 3 re-release including both P3 Fes and P3 Portable content in one package and a Persona 5 direction sequel or add-on side story. Based on the track record of Atlus, anything is possible for the direction additional Persona games can take so for now we’ll just have to wait and see. What do you think Atlus will release? Please leave your comments below and for more information about all that good weeb stuff, keep checking back with the DigiQuest.

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