Humble Sekai Project Bundle

This week, Humble Bundle unveiled it’s latest bag of goodies aimed at the Japanese Visual Novel fan. Titled “Humble Sekai Project Bundle”, the newest bundle features Steam copies of up to 17 VNs from the licensing and translating company Sekai Project, a name that has become widespread in the western VN community. Bolstering an impressive catalog of English Text-Translated Visual Novels, Sekai Project has been a huge contributor to the proliferation of the niche genre with the use of Kickstarter campaigns to bring fans such titles like Clannad or, my personal recommendation, The Fruit of Grisaia. As it stands (at the time of writing), the Humble Sekai Project Bundle has sold over 42,000 bundles with a total contribution of $432,279.44 raised towards charity. While Visual Novels aren’t of everyone’s taste, this latest bundle provides a strong offering of VNs for any major fan or newcomer alike. Whether you love Visual Novels or are interested in contributing for a good cause, the Humble Sekai Project Bundle is well worth looking into. Below is a link to the bundle’s page and a list of white titles are being offered for which price range.

Humble Bundle Link:


Contribution Unlocks

Pay $1 or More:

Fault – Milestone One
Nekopara Vol. 0
Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-

Beat the Average ($10.18 as of June 7th):

Nekopara Vol. 1
Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1
Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project (with Season Pass)
Fault – Milestone Two Side:Above
Sound of Drop – Fall Into Poison
Highway Blossoms
Japanese School Life

Pay $12 or More:

Nekopara Vol. 2
World End Economica -Complete-
Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 2
Memory’s Dogma CODE:01
Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-Xtend Edition
Sunrider: Liberation Day – Captain’s Edition


Between Root Double, Narcissu, World End Econmica, and, for all your cat-girl needs, Nekopara, the Humble Sekai Project Bundle is well worth the $12 price tag. With hundreds of hours worth of content, you’ll get lost in this collection of Visual Novels.

For those of us who prefer the more “lewd” side of Visual Novels, it should be noted, as said above, that these VNs come from Steam and are subjected to Steam’s policies. As such, none of the above VNs contain any of their 18+ content but, with a bit of looking around, any of the games that do have 18+ content can be patched in at your digression “cough” Nekopara “cough”.

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