Humble Sekai Project Bundle

This week, Humble Bundle unveiled it’s latest bag of goodies aimed at the Japanese Visual Novel fan. Titled “Humble Sekai Project Bundle”, the newest bundle features Steam copies of up to 17 VNs from the licensing and translating company Sekai Project, a name that has become widespread in the western VN community. Bolstering an impressive catalog of […]

Scum’s Wish Review

Love is complicated. It’s an age old saying that will never lose its meaning and in one way or another, we’re all searching for it, or something like it. Scum’s Wish is the story of that complication and the emptiness left behind when your love isn’t reciprocated. When you can’t have the one you love, can […]

Upcoming Anime of Spring 2017 – Part 1

Every anime season, I snoop around AniChart and MyAnimeList for those special upcoming anime that will integrate into my weekly routine over the next three months. I prepare a list of everything I predict will be noteworthy and whatever else my silly anime taste picks up along the way. Thus far, each season has been a fairly tight […]